Here are some of the questions asked by most of our customers that can help you. For any other queries you have, feel free to call us.

Yes. We have them for purchase in the business office or you may bring your own.

We do not keep a key for your storage, but we are always looking out for you and if we see your unit unlocked we will lock it and leave you a message.

Yes, just rent as long as you need it on a monthly basis.

Anytime 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We provide you with a gate code to come in whenever it is convenient for you.

You do not need to cover your possessions but it will prevent dust or condensation from settling. Also, pallets ensure good air circulation and minimize ground moisture absorption.  Although we have very well constructed units we have little to no reports of leaks. But if you feel better by covering your items with a tarp, you are welcome to do so.

Store items inside bigger items; use your refrigerator to store books and other smaller items. Leave the door cracked for circulation. Store items in dresser drawers as well. All of these handy tips will provide you with more space without having to pay for a bigger unit. Again, as mentioned above, it is a good idea to place cardboard boxes and other moisture absorbing materials on pallets, if possible.

Yes. All we ask is that you drain all the gas and oil out of your lawn equipment to keep leaks at a minimum and reduce floor damage.

It is highly recommended to have insurance for your unit. Check your home or renters insurance on whether it covers your storage unit. Or contact your insurance agent.

Although we take every precaution to ensure rodents and bugs do not get into the storage units, we cannot guarantee that won’t happen. They can enter through the smallest openings. To make sure you do not experience this don’t store open food containers, and use mothballs and dryer sheets as repellents.

We have a gate access system and monitoring cameras. We highly recommend using the disc locks to secure your storage unit.

Payments are due by the 1st of the month. Late fees do apply if you miss your due date, just like any rental situation. We do our best to notify you when you move in and remind you when you are late by phone and mail.

There are many options available to pay your bill. Paying online (here), autopay, stopping into our office, calling our office or dropping your check or money order in our drop box located on the southeast corner of our business office.