Auction Sale

The following is a list of liens on defaulted storage fees made with respect between both parties for storage of agreed items on the premises of SouthSide Storage and Eastern locations.   A variety of household items and various other miscellaneous items will be sold to the highest bidder at …

Our next auction is currently scheduled for October 19th, 2019  at 11:00 am  here at Southside Storage:

5099 S Division, Grand Rapids MI 49548.

Anyone having legal claim of such items may pay the storage fees prior to the auction.  SouthSide Storage reserves the right to reject any and all bids.


CASH ONLY – No Checks or Credit Cards!

The following are scheduled for the October 19th, 2019 auction:

Patricia Johnson

Alicia Hoogstra

Matthew Skippergosh

Joshua Gallup

Marquita Johnson

Lori McCombs

Kurt Rogers

William Oostdyke

Ersel Ortsua

Rik Leech

Alesha Kelley

Jami Butler

Clarence James III

Johnny Caldwell

Chris Boyer

Sara Eager

Alisha Washington

Jamie Vanlent

Stephen Marshall – Piccard unit

Brian Harvey

Scott Koster

Brian Dines

Shelia Curry

Ethel Vanslyke

Scott Wiltjer

Michelle Pertilla

Antonio Martin

Dominique Devlin

Jantoria Cannon

Mervin Hill Jr.

Randy Eckert

John Nash

James Smith Jr.



Southside Storage

5099 S. Division