What do our residential customers have to say:

I've been to the other places...Posted by Stacey Helka


I've rented from one other storage facility in the Grand Rapids area prior to moving my stuff over to here. The last place had leaks, anyone could break-in because there was no fence and I just was raked through the coals when it came to prices, late fees, etc. I feel that my stuff is in a better place, especially with the fence around the place and the staff that is way friendlier than where I was before. I have no plans on moving my stuff and am grateful for everyone here.

What do our business customers have to say:

I manage our storage and needed reliability...Posted by Andrew Byrd of Medical Arts


Sometimes you just run out of space. That is exactly what happened to us as we were growing our company we were not ready to move into a larger building. We are still not ready. That's why we continue to rent with Southside Storage. We have to keep our equipment somewhere and rather keep it safe, dry and protected from just anyone trying to get in. Plus, we are out there daily and they know who we are and can raise a red flag if they see anyone they don't recognize. I would recommend them for business storage needs any day.